Friday, August 7, 2009

Revolution, Part One

obama the cruel hoax

I never finished the book. Obama's book. I would have, but within the first 24 hours of his inauguration he had already shredded the Constitution in so many ways I never believed possible that I was stunned. I spent the next few months watching in paralyzed silence while he erased the history of this Constitutional Republic with every stroke of his pen and surreptitiously replaced it with the pathetic veneer of Socialism and Communism.

I was wrong. Again. There, I said it. Again. Barack Obama is a liar of the first order and I got played. Many people did. I opted on the side of hope, for the sake of history and unity in the country and gave the man a chance, hoping he would live up to the dream of a great African-American President finally showing the world that America can work for everyone. Then his mask started to slip and I saw the evil grin behind it.

In the seven months since Jan 20, so much has happened to further derail the freedom train that I've been at a loss on where to begin; so much needs to be said (and done) in response to the abuses Obama's regime has committed. It became clear that if I was going to continue to post here I'd better get started and write quickly, as the Obamanation was certainly not going to wait for me to catch up. I am writing quickly and not editing much, so if I don't sound polished please let it slide. There's not enough time any more to sound pretty. There's too much that needs to be said.

So, let's start with the obvious: health care protests. If you "tweet" and follow even a few of us who are vocal about stopping socialism, you already know that the outrage in this country is many, many, many times greater than the regime wants anyone to know. I'm not talking about some vague conspiratorial reference to "the State-run Media" (though it is -- but as a "volunteer army"). I'm talking about the marching orders the regime sends its own troops. HCAN (Health Care for America Now) is one of the liberals' primary vehicles for creating the appearance of grassroots support for their socialist agenda. Liberals sprinkled throughout various organizations (some with very officious titles) write in favor of initiatives that Statist liberals promote and are then swept into the HCAN sphere as a badge of support. For instance, in NC we have entities like: "Latin American Coalition" and "Sanderson High School Young Democrats" and even "Health Policy Class, North Carolina Central University," and of course, ACORN. In the Mafia, ACORN would be the soldiers. In Obama's regime they do the same job.

Those in the organizations who dissent (like many of us prior to the present regime) remain unhappy but silent, while the activists show up for the cameras. It's an old tactic, used everywhere. Recall scenes in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Palestine, etc., where the powerful use the people as puppets to present their mockery of the truth. Same happens here. With a twist. HCAN members are being instructed to:

"Get to your location early and make sure you set up the venue in a way that ensures that the attendees you want are at the front and that any protesters who come are sequestered as far as possible from the stage."

"We should demonstrate that we are the majority by chanting [...]"

All fine tactics for a debate, but this is not a debate. And supporters of these policies are clearly a minority. When a servant of the people attends a public gathering to hear the grievances of the constituents, that servant has an ethical obligation to hear the complaints. Yet, cowards like North Carolina's Brad Miller (who staged a "death threat" on himself so he could cancel when he found out that hundreds of people from the local conservative coalition "Triangle Conservatives Unite" were coming to show they were against the Obama plan) are declining to even meet with constituents during this recess they are taking on the tax payer dime. We are paying for their vacations and they don't even consider us worthy of a few minutes of their time. And why? They are afraid of being seen on TV or YouTube with an angry crowd that won't be satisfied with their scripted pablum.

The spark that lit my fuse was Boxer and Pelosi's assertions that we were simply meat shoved into the mess by Big Pharma, The Insurance Companies, and the GOP to "hurt our President." We are (according to the HCAN playbook):

"far right-wing idealogues recruited by paid organizers. Much of this recuritment and organizing is by industry lobbyists and public relations firms to engage radical right-wing groups."

Give me a break. The GOP couldn't organize a lemonade stand. And if the State Run Media would actually air video of the massive numbers of protestors at every sighting of a Congressman, Senator, or the "President" all of America would see mostly seniors, professional people, and (guess what?) even blacks carrying signs to try to be heard when they'd all rather be at home enjoying their lives. Today there was news that a group of SEIU (read: Union) thugs had pulverized a black conservative protester in St. Louis during the hours leading up to a planned town hall meeting there. The man ended up in the hospital while spineless Senator Carnahan packed the meeting location with more union muscle through the handicapped entrance in the back, then had security close the door on the average folks who showed up to communicate their displeasure with the politician. Liberals expect blacks to support them and when they don't, there's hell to pay.

Folks, your America looks a lot like China or the U.S.S.R. to me right now.

What we are seeing in these town hall explosions is the angry frustration of people who finally recognize that the government really has stopped listening to us and have their own agendas. Our so-called representatives only show up for photo ops where the stage is managed and people tell them how good they look. They ride the wave of money to their offices in D.C. and then reward their faithful donors with power and perks. When they encounter the hostility of the disenfranchised constituency they marginalize us with claims that we're "phony" or "set up" and therefore undeserving of their ear. The mainstream media then promptly engages to validate them by flatly refusing to perform any true investigative journalism or balanced reporting. (You can thank Walter Cronkite for that legacy.)

Thank Almighty GOD for the Internet. It's the only place, other than talk radio, where you can get anything close to "news" any more. Yes, talk radio is biased toward Conservative values. But, guess what? The country is biased toward Conservative values too. That's why you are now seeing grandma banging her cane on the closed door of the Castor "town hall meeting" in Ybor City, Florida [video no longer available] to yell about how outraged she is!

There are so many other things that I want to comment on, but reader fatigue must be setting in by now. One last item: there's a march on Washington planned for September 12, 2009. You can find out more here and here. If you can come, please do. Add your voice (and your sign, and your flag) to the tide of patriots who will attempt that day to finally be noticed by the government to whom we grant power.

God bless America. Please.

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  1. Well said and spot on! I imagine none are more disillusioned right now than those who believed in Obama.

    Somehow, his charisma and "eloquence" escaped my radar early on and all I saw in him was deception and disingenuousness.

    You are right: there is so much to talk about, where do we start? Well, I'd say blogging and getting our views out there is a good start.

    I'd better check out your other entries. Thanks for following my meager little rantings!
    - S'marty